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About Bill Welch

Bill Welch

I've been involved with real estate since I was 19 years old when I started my property management company, WCW Property Management. Since then I've been involved in thousands of real estate transactions.
I'm a family man, married to my wife Kathy since 1993 with three beautiful daughters. I'm truly blessed.
For hobbies/vocations I'm involved in different church related ministries, I love basketball, motorcycling, mountain, gravel and road biking, hiking with my dogs and family, hot rods, hunting, fishing, shooting and archery. I'm always looking for people that like to talk about antique trucks/cars, go motorcycling or mountain/gravel/road biking. If you want to go riding, give me a call! We have incredible hiking and biking trails nearby. I'm a Christian, a patriot, I love our country and its founding principles. I'm pro free speech and pro 2A.

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